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WikiArabia 2015 - Monastir - Tunisia

What is WikiArabia?
WikiArabia is a 50+ person conference, meetup, workshop, and celebration, spread over four days in April 2014. It's the first regional event of the Wikimedia movement in the Arabic countries, where you'll discover all kinds of projects that people are making with wikis and open content, as well as meet the community that produced the most famous wiki of all, Wikipedia!

Following the meeting of Wikimedia Arabic community in Wikimania London 2014, a plan to have an annual conference is set in order to exchange experiences between local communities and discuss the ways to collaborate and promote Wikipedia in the Arabic world.

Wikimedia TN User Group, with support of Arabic Wikipedians and planned user groups in the Arabic countries, is intending to organize a 3-days Wikipedia conference in Monastir, Tunisia in April 2015.

In spite of the great evolution that Wikipedia Arabic has known during the last years, this still doesn't reflect the real potential of the Arab community. Furthermore, developers and editors in the Arab world are working in isolation and have no support from local structures. Thus, this conference will be a good opportunity to enable information sharing, encourage initiatives and establish a common goal, strategy and collective voice. Hosting such a conference, would make our user Group emerge and get wide recognition from local communities and the government (by inviting delegates and decision makers).

We plan through this conference to gather around 50 participants from at least 10 different countries, organizations that support Arabic language, GLAM partners, Open Education and the aligned movement practitioners on the Arab world.

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»  December: Submissions 15pxDone.

»  January: Scholarship submissions are now open!. They will be closed 8th February 2015 at 23:59 UCT.15pxDone.

»  February, 16th: Notify scholarship grantees of acceptance. 15pxDone.

»  February, 11th to 21st: Registration for Wikimedians in Tunisia.

»  March,...

»  April 3rd, 4th ,5th: Conference, in Regency Hotel, Monastir



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